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As a Colorado Springs dentist serving the needs of patients since 2002, Jade Dental Professionals is a one-stop, full-service dental practice with offices conveniently located downtown and north central. In both locations, caring doctors and dedicated staff make quality dentistry affordable and stress-free, by making sure that each patient is comfortable at each and every step of the treatment process.

At Jade Dental Professionals, team members are wholly committed to the health of each patient, with personalized counseling and guidance throughout the process of obtaining any and all type of care and dental solutions. You’ll enjoy one-on-one attention to your particular needs—tailored to your particular circumstances—by caregivers who truly enjoy coming to work. A smiling, happy patient is the primary goal at Jade Dental Professionals; and a smiling, happy staff leads the way to that end result.

From basic preventive care to amalgams, crowns, teeth whitening, dental implants, veneers and laminates, root canal treatments and re-treatments, inlays and onlays, and TMJ and dental sealants, you’ll find exceptional service in a friendly environment at our family dental practice.

Every staff member at each of our practice locations is unified in their commitment to ethics. We ensure a professional environment by being honest and respectful to one another, whether patient or colleague. This foundation coupled with our native friendly attitudes fosters a comfortable environment. As the staff gets to know you and you get to know the staff, you are sure to feel like part of the family at Jade Dental Professionals.

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